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Since 1999/2000 season.

December 5th 2023

Ibon Navarro: “Falco is a team that grabs onto your weaknesses and exploits them”

Unicaja coach Ibon Navarro has assessed the team's next rival this Wednesday, December 6 at Carpena: Falco Vulcano Szombathely (8:30 p.m., broadcasted on 101 TV and Unicaja Baloncesto Radio). An important game for the team to take a big step towards the next round of the competition against a rival that is rushing its chances of qualifying.

December 5th 2023

Complicated duel against Joventut Badalona in LF Challenge

Unicaja Mijas will face one of the strongest teams in the category this Wednesday, December 6 at the Martín Urbano: Joventut Badalona (12:00 p.m., broadcasted on Canal FEB). The team will try to end their bad streak at home against the green and black team, which is fighting for the top spots in the Liga Femenina Challenge.

December 5th 2023

The Fundación Olivares, protagonist of the game against Falco

The Fundación Olivares will be the protagonist this Wednesday in the game that Unicaja will play against Falco Vulcano Szombathely at Carpena (8:30 p.m.), whose members will take an active part in the presentation of the team before the game. In addition, the Fan Zone, where La Gran Canasta Solidaria will continue, is dedicated to quirónsalud Málaga.

December 4th 2023

Unicaja, to consolidate the leadership of the BCL in Carpena

Unicaja will host Falco Vulcano Szombathely this Wednesday, December 6 (8:30 p.m., broadcasted on 101 TV and Unicaja Baloncesto Radio). The team will look for a victory that consolidates their leadership in Group A of the BCL against a rival that is improving their chances of qualifying for the next phase. The return to the call of Augusto Lima a year later, the main news.

December 4th 2023

Unicaja +60, MAMBAbasket champion

Unicaja +60 has been proclaimed champion of the VII International Maxi Basket Masters Tournament 'MAMBAbasket', which was held last weekend in Murcia. Congratulations!