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April 16th 2021

2021-22 EuroCup season to start under revamped competition model

A selection of 13 clubs of this season’s 7DAYS EuroCup met remotely to discuss and agree on a proposed new competition model which had been previously reviewed by the ECA Shareholders Executive Board.

The proposal includes:

-Participating teams: 20

o A maximum of 16 teams will be awarded three-year licenses to promote stability and long-term planning.
o A minimum of four one-year wild cards and/or rankings-based domestic league spots.

- Competition format: divided into two phases that aim at providing clubs with more guaranteed home games – maximizing their revenue opportunities and the excitement of the fan experience – while introducing knock-out phases that will deliver increased thrills:

o Regular Season: two groups of 10 teams each in a round-robin format. First eight teams in each group to qualify for next phase.
o Knock-out elimination rounds: eighthfinals, quarterfinals, semifinals and final, all played under a single-game format.
o Champion and runner-up to qualify to the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague as per current regulations.

- Calendar: 2021-22 season to start by end of October 2021 and finish by mid/end of May 2022

- Governance and club operations:

o EuroCup Board to continue to discuss and agree on competition strategies and policies.

o Clubs to be integrated within Euroleague Basketball’s Business Operations and Club Services unit.

o Euroleague Basketball to create a collaborative framework including all participating teams from the EuroLeague and the EuroCup.

The proposal will be presented at the upcoming ECA Shareholders Meeting for discussion and approval.