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8 partidos
09/03/2023 Basketball Champions League Round of 16 Galatasaray 72 - 67 Unicaja
07/03/2023 Basketball Champions League Round of 16 Unicaja 81 - 76 Galatasaray Nef
19/11/2019 Eurocup Regular season Galatasaray Doga Sigorta Istanbul 91 - 80 Unicaja
15/10/2019 Eurocup Regular season Unicaja 88 - 83 Galatasaray Doga Sigorta Istanbul
05/12/2013 Euroliga Regular season Galatasaray 78 - 70 Unicaja
31/10/2013 Euroliga Regular season Unicaja 84 - 57 Galatasaray
19/01/2000 Copa Korac Play off Unicaja 86 - 68 Galatasaray
12/01/2000 Copa Korac Play off Galatasaray 67 - 64 Unicaja